Ryan L. Sittler (BS Education, MS Library Science, MS Instructional Technology) is an Assistant Professor at California University of Pennsylvania, and a doctoral candidate in Communications Media and Instructional Technology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His research interests include gaming for learning, game design and development, information literacy pedagogy, emerging technologies for teaching/learning, and instructional design. He has co-edited, with Dr. Doug Cook, two books for the Association of College and Research Libraries on library pedagogy – Practical pedagogy for library instructors: 17 innovative strategies to improve student learning (2008) and The library instruction cookbook (2009). Ryan was primarily responsible for overseeing the completion and direction of the project, as well as designing some puzzles and game logic, game mechanic ideas, and selecting the soundtrack.

Ryan L. Sittler, MSLS, MSIT
Assistant Professor – Instructional Technology/Information Literary Librarian
California University of Pennsylvania


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David P. Keppel (BS Communication and Emerging Technology, MS Communication Media and Technology) was primarily responsible for the design and production of several in game objects and the majority of the environments in A Planet in Peril: Plagiarism. Additionally, he developed the preliminary logic behind the final chapters of the game including the "weird dream" segment.

David P. Keppel, MS
Doctoral Candidate
Indiana University of Pennsylvania


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